Microsoft has earlier previewed Windows 8 build 7867, today at the Computex 2011, build 7985 was demoed.The complete build string of this build is 7985.fbl_core1_kernel_cptx.110503-1501 which states that the build was compiled on May 3.From the screenshot below it can be clearly seen that this build has completely overhauled Ribbon interface with the ability to collapse automatically. The Immersive Browser in this build is also pretty mature as compared to the one in Windows 8 build 7955. No other significant changes has been found in this build as it also belongs to Milestone 3 branch.

The latest known Windows 8 build is Build 8011 and the latest build that has been leaked is build 7959

OEM Activation 3.0 confirmed in Windows 8

We have earlier reported that Windows 8 may use OEM Activation 3.0 in Windows 8, today Mike Angulo confirmed at Computex 2011 that Windows 8 would use OEM Activation 3.0 and shift from OEM Activation 2.1 which was used in Windows 7.This is surely going to be a major update in Windows activation process and would prevent hackers activating Windows using the BIOS slic activation hack .

Here is what Microsoft said regarding OEM Activation 2.1 in Windows 7-

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) activation is a perpetual, one-time activation that associates Windows 7 with the firmware (BIOS) of a computer.

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