According to the recent discovery by ITWorld’s Sando Villinger, the next generation of Windows would contain a new file system codenamed as “Protogon”

Here is the extract from IT World article-

“I’ve also dug up traces of some underlying file system changes that I couldn’t quite make sense of, such as an entirely new file system driver called “NT Protogon FS driver”, which looks like a kernel mode driver for some sort of (yet unknown) file system called Protogon. It’s unclear, whether this is a major new file system or just some minor subsystem.”

It would be eager to know whether Protogon would be replacing the NTFS file system in Windows 8 or not.

According to more information available the Disk Management is able to detect “Protogon” file system, while the Command Prompt chkdsk is unable to detect, so it clearly states that Protogon is in early stages of development.

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