Hacking Fiber optics easier than copper cable-Paper Presentation

Hacking Fiber optics-PPT

We look into this seriouslyKevin-Mitnick-sniffs-fibers

We have done some workout to get the feedback of the people and service providers. I along with 3 other guys take a van, put some fiber support kits, a steel ladder, some helmets, safety clamps, and gloves and went to a tour around Kathmandu. We have visited several fiber junctions, opened couple of them but didn’t do any harm or eavesdropping and waited to see people’s response. I am amazed that nobody has asked us for whom do we work for, whose fiber is this or are you from any ISP. Below are some glimpse of what we have done and found that almost every fiber is vulnerable in Kathmandu. I found that our commercial, government, health and finance sectors are claiming to be secure or planning to be secure but still they don’t know that their own fiber cable can be tapped so easily.


The above pictures are from Jawalakhel, in front of a complex and opposite to Staff College. The bellow image is from Himalayan Bank, Pulchwok and I bet you can hardly tell which fiber belongs to whom. The same situation can be found from the Ratna Park to Baneshwor, Durbarmarg, etc.

We visited Nepal Investment Bank Limited, Durbarmarg and you can see at the background there is an internet service provider or telecom’s base station and you cannot tell whom these fiber belongs to.


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