Office 2019 Commercial Preview program


Thank you for your interest in the Microsoft Office 2019 Commercial Preview program. This preview program is intended only for organizations that plan to deploy the perpetual (volume licensed) version of Office 2019 when it’s released later this year. For more information, see the Tech Community blog post.


To join the Office 2019 Commercial Preview program, you or your company must be registered with Microsoft Collaborate. If you’re not able to sign in to the Microsoft Collaborate portal, follow the instructions at Microsoft Collaborate: Documentation and guidance.

If you need support with Microsoft Collaborate, see How to get support and troubleshoot common Issues.

Join the Office 2019 Commercial Preview Program

The Preview program is available through Microsoft Collaborate, which is the only location for joining, accessing deployment packages and documentation, and providing feedback.

To join the program, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to
  2. On the Overview page in your dashboard, select Engagements to view engagements that are available to join.
    Select Engagements
  3. Find the Office 2019 Commercial Preview engagement, select Join, accept the Terms of Use, and then select Join again.
  4. If you no longer want to participate in the Preview program, select Leave.
    Click Leave

How to download packages

  1. From the dashboard, select Packages to go to the Packages page, where you will see all packages that are associated with the engagement.
  2. Select a package to view the details and the list of files that are included in the package.
    Select package
  3. Select the download icon to download the file.

Submit feedback

To submit feedback during the program, select Feedback in the dashboard. You can view all feedback that you submitted to the Office engineering team on the Feedback page.

The value of the State column indicates the state of your feedback:

  • New – New submission.
  • Resolved – The Office team has taken appropriate action and resolved the issue.
  • Closed – The issue is closed. No more action will be taken.

To submit new feedback, follow these steps:

  1. On the All Feedback page, select Submit New Feedback.
    Submit feedback
  2. If you participate in multiple engagements, select the engagement for which you want to provide feedback.
    Select engagement
  3. On the Office 2019 Commercial Preview feedback page, complete the required fields in the feedback template. Provide as much detail as possible, including thorough reproduction steps, and then select Save.

Updates to your feedback will appear in the feedback item until the issue is resolved, such as the status is changed to “Closed.”

Send your feedbacks

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