IT Policy and Cyber Law in
नेपालमा साइबर क्राइम जस्तै
hacking, piracy, copyright violation र अरु बिद्युतीय अबैधानिक कार्य गरेमा ५० हजार देखि ३ लाख सम्म तिर्न पर्ने र ६ महिना सम्मको कैद हुने रहेछ बिस्तारमा चाँही
डाउनलोड गरेर पढ्नु होला ।

Electronic Transaction Act(digital signature)-2063
E-Governance in Nepal
e-Government Master Plan Report
Cyber Law
Information Technology Policy 2057 (2003)
Cyber Law Enforcement in Nepal
Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section
Computer Crime

“Hackers are not always bad and all hackers are also not bad guys”.
think hackers are bad but that is not all true, so lets change our mind. There
are various kinds of hackers in this world some stands for good and some stands
for bad. Among hackers Ethical hackers are our friends who hacks for a reasion,
what is that reasion?
Here is the
answer. Ethical hackers hacks into the organizations systems for making the
system secure. They finds the weak points and they suggest how to harderning
that week point and make our system most up to date and safe. In this way we can
make our systems and network better and safer.

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